Corporate Lettings

Renting your property to a business traveler from anywhere up to 12 months can help reduce management costs and increase the predictability of your return. We have relationships with all of the largest corporate booking platforms as well as relationships with local production studios.

Airbnb Management

With guests paying more in return for the extra services provided and the property cleaned and inspected regularly, the right property can deliver higher returns whilst keeping your property in excellent condition, compared to a traditional buy to let. 

A 2 bed Airbnb property can take a total of 40 hours of work each month to keep it running smoothly. This includes cleaning, laundry, guests correspondence, marketing, pricing, screening guests, arranging maintenance, and any other duty that is required to ensure the guests stay is enjoyable as possible. 

Using an Airbnb management company is for some people a more sensible approach for those who want the improved returns the strategy can deliver.

The first step is to get in touch to see if your property would be suitable to host guests on a short term arrangement and that we would be a good match to work together.

From helping stage photographs, arranging cleaning and linen hire, maximising your return with dynamic pricing to delivering regular reporting on the progress of your property, we can help arrange everything you will need for your property to be a success. 

Blending Strategies 

The best possible yield in the Belfast property market is achieved through a blend of two strategies, corporate lets and short term lets.

A corporate tenancy can last anything from a week up to a year with 3 to 6 months being typical. Tenancies of this length will inevitably lead to voids between tenancies . To ensure voids are kept to a minimum we can fill your property with short term lets between.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you achieve this yield and a blended strategy, then please get in touch.