We work with a company called Superhog to ensure you are who you say you are. Superhog take your data very seriously and you should not have any concerns sharing this with them.

Because they help us insure your stay as well as screen out high risk guests. If you are unwilling to share your data with Superhog unfortunately we are unable to have you to stay.


A decision to transfer money to someone where the relationship exists only online is always going to be a little bit scary.

To help decide if you should be worried about little feather keeping any of your deposit without  justification, please take your time to read the reviews on any of the properties little feather manages. You will not find any accusations of dishonesty.

We will do our best to return your deposit on the same day although we will never take or keep any of your deposit without speaking to you first.

The very few times where we have had to keep some of the deposit the guest has normally agreed the amount before hand.

Deposits are collected and returned using Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to use the service as Paypal offer a guest check out option.

Booking Direct

If you have stayed with us before, why not book direct? We try to pass on as much of the saving on fees to the guest.

Not all of the properties we manage are visible online. Message us with the dates you would like to stay and the size of your group. We will try and get back to you with the most suitable options.

Payment is handled online through Stripe so you know you are protected.

Arrival and Departure

With each property the check in procedure is slightly different. Once you have completed your reservation you will be sent a copy of the "house manual". The manual will have a section titled "gaining access", here you will find a step by step guide to accessing the property. If you ever do have any problems we are always contactable and happy to help so you don't have anything to worry about.

Storing bags before or after your reservation is very difficult as we do not have facilities to provide this service. If you message us your request we will do our best to help but this should be kept in mind when booking.

The Visit Belfast centre offers a left luggage service. The Visit Belfast centre is opposite the City Hall and you can find out more by clicking below.

Visit Belfast Centre

Longer Stays

If you are planning a longer stay in Belfast, Airbnb and are excellent places to find somewhere suitable. Although the fees these website charge, mean that if you book through their website your total cost will be around 15% higher.

If you would like to avoid these fees but still get the place you wanted then get in touch.

It is always better to message us with your requirements and we will be able to suggest the most suitable place for your stay.